If you live near Houston or in Houston,
will be traveling to Houston for a visit,

and would like to model for us, 
then let us know.

The photo shoots pays cash,  
plus youíll end up with great photographs of your session. 

Our photo shoots are always fun yet professional.
Unfortunately, we donít shoot everyone that applies, 
but we do shoot a variety of types of guys. 

Hereís what we expect and what weíre looking for:

Great Body:
We are looking for males from ages 18 to 40, 
hairy or smooth, very fit, slim build, or muscular, 
with great bodies, and very, very uninhibited, 
who loves being in from of a camera, 
with a great attitude and can follow direction,
willing to give your all and bare it all for a camera. 
If you fit the bill, you think you have got "it",  
why not give it a shot, you might like it !. 

Great Rear:
We need our models to have a good firm ass that looks great in a jockstrap, 
swim wear, jammers, underwear, board shorts and other form fitting apparel. 
A jockstrap frames the butt and it plays a prominent part in our photo shoots.

Great Package:
Weíve discovered that having a big penis isnít everything, but it definitely helps sell. 
What we really need is a good complete package and itís really the balls that fill the 
pouch the way we like, but even that isnít a requirement. Often we will ask the model 
to either wear a cock ring (which we can provide) or fluff themselves - it's the nature 
of the business of making it look good. 

Real Exhibitionist:
We need guys who are a real exhibitionist (arenít all models?) Many of the items we offer are 
by nature erotic, and even shooting sports jockstraps, your ass is exposed and we're not afraid 
to show it. Although we do carry underwear and other similar items,  you can be guaranteed to 
be asked to model some jockstraps, underwear, bikinis, jammers, thongs, etc.
If you're shy about getting naked then this probably isn't the right job for you. Even if we're not 
shooting see-through or cock enhancing jockstraps and underwear, models will have to change
 in front of the camera (you can turn your back and we'll never take a photo of you naked, unless 
you want us to.) Leaving the room slows down the photo shoot and wastes everyone's time.
We're  not afraid to demonstrate the nature of a jockstrap. If the jockstrap is see through, then 
we show it as see-through and if it's a cock enhancing suit then we show how that works too.  

So, if that hasn't scared you off,
then why don't you give it a try, you might just like it !...

Email us and let us know a bit about yourselves and YES, send a few recent photos - 
face and full body shots are best.  We will need to see what you have to offer.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask...
Email us at the addresses below:         


     Apply to Modeling for Us .. .. .. ..
Send recent photos of Yourself 
         to either of the above email addresses.

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