Gay for Pay 

straight male who stars in gay porn but asserts they are not gay

a straight actor who performs homosexual acts in adult movies 
for the sole purpose of incurring monetary gain.

Almost all male adult models/actors are paid much less than their female counterparts in straight adult industry. 
Male adult actors, however, get paid more, on average, in gay adult work than in straight adult work. 

There are also more opportunities to become a "star" in gay adult work than in straight porn where the focus of attention remains on the female performers. As a response to criticism in the gay community, some of these male performers (perhaps with the advice of their publicists) would sometimes claim that they are in fact bisexual although they are indeed only "gay" for the money.





Definitive List of Gay Adult Stars’ Sexuality 


It’s been almost two years since The Sword has officially addressed the all-important question of who’s gay and who’s straight (and who’s somewhere in between or just doesn’t want to *define* their love of cock) in the gay porn world. And two years in the porn world is basically two centuries in most other industries. Whole careers have come and gone, people have died, been arrested, and retired.

So, it’s time to update this definitive list of porn stars’ sexual orientations, as disclosed in public statements or via Twitter. Certainly there’s always room for these to change, but this list will hopefully get us through the next few months, and is sorted alphabetically.

Also, this doesn’t include every porn model working today (that would take days, and most of them would only have first names), and there are a few here who are recent retirees from the biz but whose scenes are still being released (Connor Kline, Liam Magnuson). And anyway, if you don’t see someone on here, and they work for Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, or Next Door Studios, it’s safe to assume they’re gay-for-pay, with only a few exceptions.

Rafael Alencar: BI
Lance Alexander: STRAIGHT (also, BI)
Micah Andrews: STRAIGHT
Philip Ashton: GAY
Jed Athens: GAY
Phillip Aubrey: GAY
Blue Bailey: GAY
Jake Bass: BI
Boomer Banks: BI
Dario Beck: GAY
Chris Bines: BI
Duncan Black: GAY
Aleks Buldocek: GAY
Nick Capra: GAY
Kennedy Carter: GAY
Max Carter: GAY
Christian Cayden: GAY
Gabriel Clark: BI
Samuel Colt: GAY
Jessie Colter: GAY
Landon Conrad: GAY (you seen these shoes, girl?)
Dale Cooper: GAY
Race Cooper: BI
Brent Corrigan: GAY
Chris Crocker: GAY
Nick Cross: GAY
Damien Crosse: GAY (ahem)
Cody Cummings: BI (ish)
Kirk Cummings: GAY
Drew Cutler: GAY
Blake Daniels: GAY
Christopher Daniels: GAY
Troy Daniels: GAY
Donnie Dean: GAY
Tommy Defendi: BI
Bravo Delta: SEXUAL
Ray Diaz: GAY
Topher DiMaggio: GAY
Leo Domenico: GAY
Mike Dozer: GAY
Trenton Ducati: GAY
Sean Duran: GAY
Jimmy Durano: GAY
Marc Dylan: GAY
Ethan Elliot a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Ethan: STRAIGHT
Bryce Evans: STRAIGHT
Brent Everett: GAY
Jimmy Fanz: BI
Darius Ferdynand: GAY
Pierre Fitch: GAY
Dato Foland: GAY
Seth Fornea: GAY
Leo Forte: SEXUAL
Leon Fox: GAY
Woody Fox: GAY
Shane Frost: GAY
Conner Habib: GAY
Ray Han: GAY
Chris Harder: GAY
Jack Harrer: BI/SEXUAL
Owen Hawk: GAY
James Huntsman: SEXUAL
Travis James: GAY
James Jamesson: SEXUAL
Colby Jansen: BI
Quinn Jaxon: STRAIGHT
Tristan Jaxx: GAY
Brady Jensen: STRAIGHT
Sean Cody’s Jess: BI
Kip Johnson: BI/SEXUAL
Levi Karter: GAY
Colby Keller: GAY
Adam Killian: GAY
Kyle King: GAY
Connor Kline: GAY
Cavin Knight: GAY
Seth Knight: GAY
Brandon Lewis: STRAIGHT
Lance Luciano: GAY
Liam Magnuson: GAY
Connor Maguire: BI
Tory Mason: GAY
Levi Michaels: GAY
Marcus Mojo: STRAIGHT
Dean Monroe: GAY
Jessie Montgomery: GAY
Paddy O’Brian: STRAIGHT
Samuel O’Toole: BI
Justin Owen: BI
Tony Orion: GAY
Dominic Pacifico: BI
Hunter Page: GAY
Dalton Pierce: GAY
JD Phoenix: GAY
Richard Pierce: BI
Nick Prescott: GAY
Zack Randall: GAY
Johnny Rapid: STRAIGHT/SEXUAL (ask his wife)
Rocco Reed: STRAIGHT
Spencer Reed: GAY
Reese Rideout: STRAIGHT
Lukas Ridgeston: SEXUAL
Armond Rizzo: GAY
Dylan Roberts: STRAIGHT
Angel Rock: GAY
Chris Rockway: STRAIGHT
Ty Roderick: GAY
Ricky Roman: GAY
Anthony Romero: GAY
Ryan Rose: GAY
Marco Rubi: GAY
Matthew Rush: GAY
Max Ryder: GAY
Tate Ryder: GAY
Phenix Saint: STRAIGHT
Diego Sans: GAY
Billy Santoro: GAY
Ricky Sinz: BI
Nicco Sky: GAY
Bryce Star: GAY
Andrew Stark: SEXUAL
Jake Steele: GAY
Nick Sterling: GAY
Damien Stone: GAY
Cole Streets: GAY
Logan Stevens: GAY
Leo Sweetwood: GAY
Casey Tanner: GAY
Chip Tanner a.k.a. Jamie Stroud: STRAIGHT
Andy Taylor: GAY
Tyler Torro: STRAIGHT
Paul Wagner: GAY
Kevin Warhol: GAY
Diesel Washington: BI
Gavin Waters: BI
Ashton Webber: GAY
Jarec Wentworth: STRAIGHT
Austin Wilde: SEXUAL
Brandon Wilde: GAY
Christian Wilde: BI
Austin Wolf: GAY
Shawn Wolfe: GAY
Tom Wolfe: GAY
Donny Wright: GAY
Sebastian Young: STRAIGHT






17 Little-Known Facts About Adult Video Industry


1. Before researching, if you mentioned ace of spades, one thing came to my mind, and one thing only: the lucky beginner in a game of BS. Now I know that it also denotes a black man who only has sex with white women.

2. The average rate for a male porn star doing straight porn is $500 to $600. Gay porn will pay three times that amount.

3. Since male porn performers get paid significantly more for doing gay porn, many straight men will now do gay porn for the money. Hence the term, gay for pay. The real gay porn performers out there typically hate this trend and dread the day when they are paired up with such a man.

4. Just as men get paid more for doing gay porn, so do women. And apparently the one distinctive feature that will indicate whether a woman is truly a lesbian is her nails. A bona fide lesbian will know to snip her nails before fingering another girl.

5. Those with fart fetishes, fret no more! There is a porn farting series out there, produced by Lucas Entertainment.

6. It is extremely unlikely for a porn star to contract AIDs or HIV while doing porn. The industry is meticulously regulated, and the rare instances when performers do contract diseases are typically a result of carelessly expanding their promiscuity to include people outside of the industry.

7. There’s a porn star out there named Moe the Monster who was Brooklyn-based until about three months ago. Moe’s career kicked off after he made a porno on the A train. He told me it made for an awkward Thanksgiving. Sigh.

8. There exists a man who resides in Brooklyn and goes by the name of Porno Jim. He holds monthly shows in Manhattan called The Porno Jim Show, the purpose of which is to help people find the right porn for them. God bless him!

9. Not only is there a porn industry in Brooklyn, but there also exists a porn union. The members are black male talent, who specialize in interracial porn. Common amongst the members are a flair for, what they refer to as MILFs. In Los Angeles, what with all of the porn production companies and adult talent agencies, such a union could never exist.

10. There’s a Reno 911! porn parody entitled Reno 911 XXX and it’s awesome. Incidentally, one can be nominated for an AVN award based purely on their acting skills in a porn movie. Dan Reilly is one such man — he appeared in over 100 porn movies and did not have to have sex or take off any clothes for one of them — and was nominated for a Best Actor AVN Award for his role in Reno 911 XXX. He played Terry.

11. There is a Captain America porn parody brilliantly titled Captain America XXX — which, incidentally, was released before the actual Captain America movie. Rob Black, the producer, insisted on having a Hitler character, a Sarah Palin character, and using real SS uniforms complete with accurate swastika badges and SS badges. In the movie, Red Skull — complete with his characteristic skull demon face — uses Sarah Palin as part of his fascist agenda and, in on scene, has sex with Sarah Palin in his cave-like lair, enveloped in dry ice. That is all.

12. Ben English (aka Derek Hay), the founder and owner of LA Direct, one of the leading adult talent agencies in Los Angeles, actually has another, lesser known, and much more lucrative endeavor. He runs a worldwide network of hookers (for lack of a better word) that services Sultans of Dubai, and suchlike powerful figures. Porn is his cover.

13. Rob Black wholeheartedly, and with zero trace of irony, refers to women as animals. In other words, a guy you’d like to bring home to the fam!

14. Joanna Angel, the founder of the alternative porn website Burning Angel, directs every single video that goes up on her website.

15. A good deal of male porn performers use Caverject — a drug that they inject straight into their penis to perpetuate and maintain an erection.

16. In the United States, the making of or acting in porn is only legal in Los Angeles and New Hampshire.

17. François Sagat, the renowned French gay porn star, used to be Carine Roitfeld’s assistant.












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